Temporary Pool Fencing – Pipe or Rod Infill with Plastic or Metal Feet

Our temporary pool fence/fencing are deigned according to the Australian Standard A.S. 1926.1-2012 – Swimming Pool Safety.

Temporary pool fence are installed around the swimming pools or spas for some security purpose.

  • In the swimming pool construction site: enclose dangerous areas and prevent unauthorized access and protect workers' security.
  • In the commercial or private swimming pool or spas: prevent kids or pets from accessing or falling off when filled with waters.
Temporary pool fencing are enclosing a pool construction site.

TPFI-01: Temporary pool fencing for construction site enclosure.

Several temporary pool fencing panels are surrounding the private villa swimming pool.

TPFI-02: Temporary pool fencing for swimming pool protection.

Why choose our temporary pool fencing?

  • Comply with council pool fencing regulations and Australian standards.
  • Supply temporary protection and enclosure while waiting permanent fencing.
  • Excellent children and pet protection.
  • Smooth surface without any no burrs and sharp edges for safe installation and use.
  • 360° hand full welding for optimum strength.
  • Flattened pipe for easy welding and transporting.
  • Plastic feet are available for star pickets fastening.
  • Meal plate feet can be bolt down for further protection.
A detail of flattened pipe and 360° full welding.

TPFI-03: Flattened pipe for easy welding and transporting.

A picture shows the Australia national flag and temporary pool safety standard.

TPFI-04: All the temporary pool fencing complies with Australian laws and standards.

A worker is welding the temporary pool fencing.

TPFI-05: 360° full welding for optimum strength.

A metal plate feet is connecting two neighbour temporary pool fencing panels.

TPFI-06: Bolt-down design for further protection.