Cattle Panels - Hot-Dipped Galvanized & PVC Coating

Many galvanized panels are put together neatly on the ground.

PCCP-01: Smooth surface.

Cattle corral panels, also called cattle panels, horse pen, cow panels or horse fence panels, are popular in farmland of oversea countries, such as Australia, the USA and New Zealand and so on. Because cow panels surface is smooth and there is no sharp edge which can effectively prevent livestock from getting injured.

Corral panels are made from low carbon steel or galvanized tube. The tubes are completely welded together which make its structure more sturdy. The surface treatment can be hot-dipped galvanized and PVC coating which make horse panels corrosion and rust resistance.

Horse pens are easy to install and dismantle, so it is convenient to be transported to anywhere you like for temporary or permanent use. Besides there are three kinds of panels according to rail shape: round, square & oval rail panels. You can choose cow panels according to your hobby and application.

A round rail panel on the grassland.

PCCP-02: Round rails.

Many cows are in oval rail panels.

PCCP-03: Oval rails.

Many cattle are in square rail panels.

PCCP-04: Square rails.


  • Safety guarantee. No sharp edge on the panels which can effectively avoid livestock being injured.
  • Anti-corrosion & anti-rust. The panels surface is hot-dipped galvanized pr PVC coating.
  • Stable structure. The tubes are completely welded together.
  • Long service life. Cattle corrals are with thick zinc coating.
  • Strict quality control. Precise detection during the whole process.
  • Wide application. Cattle corrals can be widely used to raise various livestock.
Welding spot of horse panels.

PCCP-05: Fully welding spot for sturdy structure.

Many galvanized cattle corral panels are on the ground.

PCCP-06: Smooth surface for safety.

PVC coating cattle panels on slope.

PCCP-07: PVC coating for anti-corrosion and beauty.

A man is measuring size of metal base.

PCCP-8: Precise measurement for strict quality control.

Specification of Cattle Panels
Material low carbon steel tubes, galvanized tubes.
Pipe Thickness 1.6 – 1.8 mm.
Rail Size

three shapes: round, square & oval rails.

  • round rail: O.D. 32 mm or 42 mm.
  • square rail: 40 × 40 mm; 50 × 50 mm.
  • oval rail: 30 × 60 mm; 40 × 80 mm.
Panel Size (H × L)

1500 × 2000 mm (5 rails).

1800 × 2100 mm (6 rails).

1800 × 2400 mm (6 rails).

customized sizes.

Surface Treatment hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coating.
Color white, green, black, gray, etc.
Welding full welding.
Package packaged in steel pallet or in bulk.
Optional choice panel gates, pin latches or chains for your needs.
A panel gate are connected with a horse panel on grassland.

PCCP-9: Gate.

A chain connects round rail panels together.

PCCP-10: Chain.

Pin latch connects gate and livestock panel together.

PCCP-11: Pin latch.


The corral panels are widely used to raise horses, cattle, sheep or other livestock.

A brown horse is running in a roomy horse panel.

PCCP-12: Corral panels for horses raising.

Three cows are in a cattle panel.

PCCP-13: Cattle panels for cows raising.

A lot of sheep are in a big corral panel.

PCCP-14: Cattle panels for sheep raising.