Temporary Hoardings – Easy to Install, Dismantle & Transport

Hoarding panel system with galvanized frame and rubber feet on ground.

THS-01: Hoarding panels to keep the public out of a dangerous place.

Temporary hoardings, also called hoarding panels, steel hoarding panels, metal hoarding, are widely used to partition different working areas on your working site, keep the privacy of a special place or keep the public out of a place. The steel hoarding panels are easy to assemble, disassemble, and even transport. And most importantly, temporary hoarding system is easy to store and absolutely reusable.

All our steel hoarding panels are made of heavy duty galvanized corrugated steel plate fitted into frames. And the hoarding panels are connected one by one by couplers.

If your working site needs to be partitioned or keep privacy or your customers’ needs, and we can also provide for your hire and sale, our hording panel is a good choice for all our temporary hoardings are complied with Australia standards.


  • Temporary or short term protection.
  • Can be re-used in various sites.
  • Be suitable for uneven ground.
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble, store and transport.
  • To provide excellent privacy & safety.
  • No damage to ground.
  • Hoarding panels with ripples and various base feet provide high stability.
  • Professional & attractive image.
Temporary hoarding system with galvanized frame on uneven grassland.

THS-02: Hoarding panels used in uneven grassland to protect environment.

White and red hoarding panel system with galvanized frame and metal feet on highway.

THS-03: Hoarding panels used in even ground to keep the public out of danger.

Metal hoarding with galvanized frame, rubber feet and a coupler on ground.

THS-04: Hoarding panels with a simple coupler, galvanized frame and rubber feet for easy installation.

A red hoarding panel with galvanized frame on ground.

THS-05: Hoarding panels with galvanized frame and ripples for high anti-wind capacity.

Material galvanized steel (including frame)
Thickness of Zinc 14/28/42 microns
Panel Thickness 0.4–0.65 mm
L × H 2000 × 2100 mm
2400 × 2100 mm
customized sizes
U-Profile 50-30-50 mm
60-40-60 mm
Frame Pipe O.D. 32/38/40/42/48 mm
Base Feet concrete, rubber or steel base feet
Surface Treatment hot-dipped galvanized or PVC coating
Color all RAL colors
Concrete base of hoarding panel with a clip on white background.

THS-06: Concrete base.

A black rubber base with yellow front part on white background.

THS-07: Rubber base.

A black steel base on ground.

THS-08: Steel base.

Gate & Support Braces


We can provide you optional pedestrian hoarding gates:

  • Pedestrian gate.
  • Vehicle gate.
    • Single swing gate.
    • Double swing gate.
A standalone gate with black rubber base on white background.

THS-09: Standalone gate is easy to install and use.

Hoarding panel gate with black rubber base and a wheel.

THS-10: Single swing gate with a wheel can be fitted and used conveniently and smoothly.

Metal hoarding gate with black rubber base and two wheels.

THS-11: Double swing gate with two wheels can be opened smoothly.

Support Braces

Support braces include stabilizers and block-trays. The stabilizers are connected directly with the fence panel and block trays. And you can add ballast on the block tray to improve the ability of withstanding strong wind. Through testing, wind loading rating of our temporary hoarding system can reach up to 70 mph.

Galvanized hoarding panels with stabilizer and block tray with concrete on it.

THS12: Stabilizer and block tray system for improving anti-wind capacity.

A galvanized block tray rear.

THS-13: Block tray rear for loading ballast.


Our temporary hoarding systems are widely used in various sites, the detailed are as follows:

  • Construction sites.
  • Industrial sites.
  • Domestic housing sites.
  • Commercial sites.
  • Environmental protection areas.
Hoarding panel system on grassland.

THS-14: Metal hoarding used to protect grass and trees.

Green hoarding system on construction site.

THS-15: Hoarding system used to keep the public out of construction area.

Galvanized steel hoarding on ground.

THS-16: Temporary hoarding system used to provide safety and privacy for event site.