Sturdy Temporary Fencing – Thicker Wire Diameter and Pipe Wall Thickness

Our sturdy temporary fencing is manufactured for its sturdy and robustness in remote and extreme climates. They can withstand these harshest environments and be best solution to construction site, private residences and hire industries.

The temporary fencing complies with A.S. 4687-2007 for Temporary Fencing & Hoardings.

4 mm horizontal and vertical infill mesh diameters and 2.0 mm frame wall thickness make the sturdy temporary fencing higher strength to withstand the high wind in construction site.

A drawing of sturdy temporary fencing with orange plastic feet on white background.

STF-01: Sturdy temporary fencing.

System components


Panel specification
Panel Size 2400 mm (L) × 2100 mm (H)
Frame Size 32 mm O.D. × 2.0 mm thickness
Zinc Coating 42 microns
Infill Mesh 4 mm horizontal, 4 mm vertical, 150 mm × 60 mm spacing
Surface Treatment Pre-galvanised 42 microns
Hot-dipped galvanized 90 microns
Feet specification
Material High-density polyethylene.
Feet Size 610 mm × 230 mm × 150 mm
Treatment UV 220, UV 531 and UV 770 anti-ultraviolet agent added for color-fading resistance in outdoor use.
Color Orange, blue, red, green and other customized colors.
Fill Material Cement, water, sands, small stones
Infill Concrete Weight 27.5–28 kg
Clamp Specification
Clamp Size Specially moulded 4.0 mm wall thickness
Hole Spacing 80/90/100 mm optional.
Surface Treatment Hot dipped galvanised.
Weight 0.42 kg/set
Accessory List 2 pieces clamps with 1 bolt and 1 nut

Temporary fencing panels

Strong & Safe welded structures

  • 360° full welding. 360° full welding technology contributes strong infill mesh and frame structure. It can prevent fracture during its long service life.
  • Flattened steel pipe. During welding, the steel pipe which will welded with infill meshes will be flattened. In this way, it can make the welding point more sturdy. Besides, it can save some spaces during transporting.
  • No burrs. Additional, all the weld points will be treated to eliminate small burrs. In this way, we can ensure safety loading, unloading and installation. It can protect peoples from accident injuries when they contact with temporary fencing panels.

STF-02: Solid welding point

STF-03: Flattened steel pipe

STF-04: Smooth panel surface

Different Surface treatment

  • Pre-galvanized – Economical but efficient
    Galvanized steel wires and steel pipes will be welded together and the weld points which the zinc coating is broken during welding will be treated with galvanization spraying. Weld points on the steel pipe will be painted with anti-rust paint and then galvanization spraying. This finish type can ensure at least 42 micron zinc coating thickness, which can satisfy normal applications.

    STF-05: Raw material

    STF-06: Welding

    STF-07: Spraying

    STF-08: Complete

  • Hot dipped galvanized after welding – More stable & Anti-corrosivee
    The raw material of temporary fencing panel, including steel wires and steel pipes are low carbon steel. They will be welded together in 360° full welding. Then the temporary fencing will be dipped in the container full of hot galvanization. In this way, each parts of temporary fencing can be coated with zinc evenly to ensure the long service life.
    The hot dipped galvanized temporary fencing can ensure at least 90 microns zinc coating. It is suitable for high corrosive areas.

    STF-09: Raw material

    STF-10: Welding

    STF-11: Hot dipped galvanized

    STF-12: Complete

Plastic bases

  • Three different types options. Temporary fencing is commonly equipped with plastic bases/feet. Our company can produce three different types plastic bases to suit temporary fence panels and using conditions.

    STF-13: Type 1 plastic base.

    STF-14: Type 2 plastic base.

    STF-15: Type 3 plastic base.

    STF-16: Type 4 plastic base.

  • UV & anti-aging – 5 years guarantee. Our temporary fencing feet adopt high density polyethylene materials containing at least 3 types anti-ultraviolet agents: UV 220, UV 531 and UV 770, which come with a 5 year UV and anti-aging guarantee to accommodate to the Australian climate. The qualified plastic coating contribute to fade-proof performance to maximize health and eliminate safety risks.
  • Multiple colors. Except for safety orange colors, we can supply customized colors for different site applications. Just tell us your requirements, you will get satisfied products.


Our temporary fence clamps are manufactured from high quality steel plates into qualified clamps, which are meeting Australian standard A.S. 4687-2007 for Temporary Fencing & Hoardings.

  • Hot dipped galvanized for min 42 microns zinc coating.
  • Sturdy to withstand the harshest environments.
  • Suit 32 mm, 40 mm or other specs steel pipes and bases.

Other additions options

STF-17: Shade Cloth

STF-18: Customized Logos

STF-19: Braces

STF-20: Customized Warning Signs

STF-21: Dog Bars

STF-22: Barbed Wires

STF-23: Handrails

STF-24: Razor Wires

Packing details

The temporary fencing panels and plastic bases are delivered in steel pallets.

It has different loading quantity according to different goods and container sizes.

Packed in Steel Pallet
1 × 20’ GP 300 pieces temporary fencing panels only
1 × 20’ GP 200 sets (1 panel + 1 base with concrete + 1 clamp with bolt and nut)
1 × 40’ HC 600 pieces temporary fencing panels only
1 × 40’ HC 530 sets (1 panel + 1 foot with concrete + 1 clamp with bolt and nut)