2 m × 1.1 m Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers, effective and necessary crowd control management system in almost all private and public events, including concerts, demonstration, bicycle race and construction sites. It can keep order pedestrian and vehicle passing and prevent tripping and stampede accidents.

The crowd control barriers are available in various specifications, you can choose them according to your requirements.

A drawing of 2 m × 1.1 m crowd control barriers.

SCCB-01: 2 m × 1.1 m crowd control barrier.

  • Length: 2 m
  • Height: 1.1 m
  • Main frame: 32 mm OD × 1.5 mm thickness
  • Grill: 14 uprights of 16 mm OD × 1.2 mm thickness.
  • Upright spacing: 106.9 mm.
  • Feet: flat/bridge/fixed

Crowd control barrier panels

The crowd control barrier panels are constructed of outer frames, infill uprights and interlocking system. The outer frame and infill uprights are constructed of steel pipes and the interlocking system are manufactured from steel plates and steel rods.

  • Steel pipe material for high strength and impact resistance.
  • Inserted uprights before welding for durable and firm structure.
  • 360° full hand welding for optimum strength.
  • Hot dipped galvanised or powder coated for outdoors.
  • Hook and loop interlocking system prevent barrier from being damaged from the middle.
  • Flexible structure to form different passage way for different use.
A detail of full welding of uprights and outer frame.
Several uprights are inserted into the outer frame.
A hot dipped galvanized crowd control barrier with four colors below: yellow, red, black and orange.
Several crowd control barriers are enclosing a passage way.

Crowd control barrier feet

The crowd control barriers are available in various feet for different applications

  • Fixed feet.
  • Removable flat T feet.
  • Removable bridge Y feet.
  • Removable wheel feet.
A detail of fixed feet of steel barricades.
A detail of bridge feet of steel barricades.
A detail of flat feet of steel barricades.
A detail of wheel feet of steel barricades.
  • Fixed or removable feet options.
  • Bolt-down design optional for higher stability.
  • Different sizes of bridge feet for easy installation on corners.
  • Considerate flat design for reducing tripping hazards.
  • Removable feet for easy stacking and storing.
  • Fastening pins & hardware to prevent being stolen.
  • Wheel design for smooth and easy operation or can be used as barrier gate.
A detail of two flat feet with bolt-down holes.
A bolt is half-installing on the bottom of crowd control barrier.
Two crowd control barriers are connected with bridge feet in different size.
Several bundles of crowd control barriers are stacking in the container.


  • Construction site.
  • Demolition site.
  • Public traffic.
  • scenic area.
  • Bike rack barricades
  • Sport fields.
  • Concert.
  • Demonstration.
Several runners are running on the road which is enclosed by yellow crowd control barrier.
A man is performing stunt with a bicycle in an area enclosed by crowd control barrier.
Several vehicles are driving on the road separated by crowd control barrier.
Orange crowd control barriers are surrounding the tree and equipment.
Crowd control barriers are separating a passage way on crowd street.
Crowd control barriers are enclosed an area where several bus are parking.