Fence Gate – Woven Wire Mesh, Welded Mesh, Welded Pipe Construction

A drawing of Australia temporary fencing with pedestrian gate.

AU & NZ temp fencing gate

A drawing of Canada temporary fencing with pedestrian gate.

Canada temp fencing gate

A drawing of crowd control barriers with pedestrian gate.

Crowd control barrier pedestrian gate

A drawing of chain link temporary fence gate.

Temp chain link fencing gate

What is fence gate?

Fence gate, an integral part of a fence or barrier that is designed to provide a pedestrian access way through the fence or barrier. According to different type of temporary fence, the gates can be divided into CA temporary fence gate, AU & NZ temporary welded fence gate, temporary chain link fence gate and crowd control barriers gate.

We provide various sizes and styles of single swing leaf gates and double swing leaf gate for pedestrian and vehicles access way.

Where need fence gate?

  • Construction sites.
  • Accidents scene.
  • Municipal engineering.
  • Commercial area.
  • Residential use.
  • Hazardous areas such as quarries.
  • Special events
  • Sports field.
  • Open-air storage.
  • Concerts access.
  • Festivals.
  • Gathering
Opening gate of Canada temporary fence for construction material stock.

FG-01: Canada Temporary fence gate.

Australia temporary fence with opening gate installed in the factory yard.

FG-02: AU & NZ temporary fence gate.

The equipment depot is protected by temporary chink link fence with gate.

FG-03: Temporary chain link fence gates.

The construction site is protected by crowd control barrier with pedestrian gate.

FG-04: Crowd control barrier gate.

Why need fence gate?

  • Defined opening area.
  • Visual barrier for lock the areas securely.
  • Restriction of access way of the site.
  • Single swing leaf gates for pedestrian.
  • Double swing leaf gates hang side by side for complete opening.
  • Sliding gate for minimum space occupation.
  • Solid structure with good impact resistance.
  • Anti-oxidation even in bad weather.
  • Easy transit for going directly to a jobsite.
  • Environment friendly and durable.

Why choose us?

  • Manual 360° full welding for highest strength.
  • Pre-galvanized and power coating is anti-corrosion & colorful.
  • Hot dipped galvanized surface treatment for longevity.
  • All hardware including hinge, latch & rubber wheel are available.
  • Customized sizes, styles for your needs.
  • On-site assembly, low maintenance.
  • Reliable and professional advice for your effective purchase.
  • Free value-added service for replacement or a rainy day.
Blue Canada temporary fence with 360° full welding point.

FG-05: 360° full welded CA temporary fence

The two galvanized Australia temporary fence are connected with clamp.

FG-06: AU & NZ temporary fence clamp

Chain link mesh wrapped around the frame of temporary chain link fence

FG-07: Temporary chain link fence attach way

Galvanized crowd control barrier with 360° full welding point.

FG-08: 360° full welded crowd control barrier