Temporary Pool Fencing – Site Security & Safe Guarder

Our temporary pool fence/fencing are deigned according to the Australian Standard A.S. 1926.1-2012 – Swimming Pool Safety.

Temporary pool fence are installed around the swimming pools or spas for some security purpose.

  • In the swimming pool construction site: enclose dangerous areas and prevent unauthorized access and protect workers' security.
  • In the commercial or private swimming pool or spas: prevent kids or pets from accessing or falling off when filled with waters.
Red plastic bases are supporting the temporary pool fencing in construction site.

TPFP-01: Temporary pool fencing in construction site for danger area enclosure.

Temporary pool fencing with orange feet are surrounding the swimming pool.

TPFP-02: Temporary pool fencing protecting children and pets' safe.

System components

  • Fencing panel.
  • Plastic feet.
  • Steel clamp.
  • Fence gate
A piece of temporary pool fencing with orange plastic feet on white background.

TPFP-03: Fence panel

An orange plastic feet on gray background.

TPFP-04: Plastic feet.

A unit of temporary pool fencing clamp on gray background.

TPFP-05: Steel plate clamp.

Half open temporary pool fence gate is installed on the pool fencing.

TPFP-06: Fence gate.

Detailed specifications

  • Material: galvanized tubular steel tube.
  • Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanised.
  • Steel pipe spacing: 65 mm, 70 mm or 100 mm maximum.
  • Feet type: Plastic feet or metal feet.
  • Distance from frame bottom to ground: maximum 100 mm.
Temporary pool fencing with steel feet in the backyard surrounding swimming pool.

TPFP-07: Steel plate feet temporary pool fencing.

Temporary pool fencing with orange plastic feet in the backyard surrounding swimming pool.

TPFP-08: Plastic plate feet temporary pool fencing.

Table 1: Common Specifications of Pipe Infill Temporary Pool Fencing
Item Frame size Top/bottom pipe size Infill size Fence size (L × H)
PTPF-01 32 mm O.D. 25 mm O.D. 14 mm O.D. 2300 mm × 1350 mm
PTPF-02 42 mm O.D. 32 mm O.D. 25 mm O.D. 2400 mm × 1300 mm
PTPF-03 38 mm O.D. 32 mm O.D. 19 mm O.D. 2400 mm × 1200 mm

Temporary pool fencing panels

This type temporary fencing panels are constructed of pipe infills and square or round frame pipes, which is different from temporary fencing with rod pipe infills.

  • Comply with council pool fencing regulations and Australian standards.
  • Supply temporary protection and enclosure while waiting permanent fencing.
  • Excellent children and pet protection.
  • 360° full welding for optimum strength.
  • Flattened bottom for easy welding, stacking and transporting.
  • No more than 100 mm consist gap from bottom frame to the ground.
  • The surface treatment can be hot dipped galvanized or powder coating.
  • Steel plate supplies firm foundation even used as permanent fencing.
  • Bolt-down design can supply further stability for pool fencing system.
  • Smooth surface without any no burrs and sharp edges for safe installation and use.

Plastic feet

  • Orange and other colorful plastic feet supplies highly visible view.
  • UV stabilizer and anti-aging agent added for stability and long service life.
  • Concrete inserted to withstand high wind even in the harshest environments.

Self-closing temporary pool gate

Temporary pool fencing with self-closing gate are installed in construction sites.

TPFP-11: Self-closing temporary pool fencing gate.

  • Secure the pool area until a permanent fence is built.
  • Latch opening gate allows for easy access.
  • Unique design to ensure the safety of small children and prevent children from climbing up.
  • Further heighten safety and security of the pool construction site.

Detailed specifications

  • Material: galvanized steel tubular.
  • Panel size: 2100 mm (H) × 995 mm.
  • Frame: 32 mm O.D.
  • Infills: 25 mm infills.
  • Infill rod height: 1345 mm.
  • Infill bar spacing: 60 mm, 70 mm, 100 mm (maximum).
  • Feet: metal or plastic.
  • Distance from bottom panel edge to the ground: max. 100 mm.