Star Pickets Have Corrosion Resistance, Stable Structure, High Strength

Star pickets are also known as Y posts and star posts. Our star pickets are divided into different versions, light, heavy and extra heavy. It can withstand the great impact without deformation and damaged. In addition, our products are not easy to be corroded in outdoors.

Star pickets provide a convenient and cost effective way of setting permanent or temporary fences and barriers. Star picket has two ends. One end with sharp head is easy to be installed into the ground. And other end is flat to make hammer can install it easily.

Holes are drilled along the star picket in advance to fix wires, temporary fence and barrier mesh. It can improve the construction efficiency and save times. And star pickets have various uses, whether in the farm, construction site, garden or other places.

This is a black star picket with four holes.

SP-1: Black star picket.

This is a galvanized star picket.

SP-2: Galvanized star picket.


  • Material: low carbon steel, rail steel.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized, black tar dipped.
  • Color: black, sliver.
Specifications of Star Pickets
Type Surface treatment Length (mm) Weight (kg)
Light Black tar dipped 450 0.71
Black tar dipped 600 0.95
Black tar dipped 900 1.42
Black tar dipped 1650 2.61
Black tar dipped 1800 2.84
Heavy Black tar dipped 1650 3.14
Black tar dipped 2100 3.99
Black tar dipped 2400 4.56
Galvanized 1650 3.14
Galvanized 1800 3.42
Galvanized 2400 4.56
Extra heavy Black tar dipped 1650 3.37
Black tar dipped 1800 3.67
Black tar dipped 2400 4.90
Galvanized 1650 3.37
Galvanized 1800 3.67
Galvanized 2400 4.90
Note: Other specifications also can be customized.


  • High strength materials make it can withstand powerful impact of storm.
  • Corrosion resistance: It will not be corroded in outdoors although in rainy and snow days.
  • Three sides structure, more stable.
  • The coating will not peel off although under sun exposure.
  • Sharp end make it easy to be installed in the ground.
  • Holes in star pickets can make steel wires pass through easily, improve construction efficiency.
  • Wide range of uses, can be used with steel wires, mesh panels and so on.


Star pickets can be used with steel wires, temporary fence and barrier mesh in the following places:

  • Pasture.
  • Farm.
  • Forest.
  • Garden.
  • Road side.
  • Forest.
  • Vegetable garden.
  • Construction site.
A people is installing a star picket in the garden.

SP-3: Star pickets installed in garden.

The forest is surrounded by fence that is made of steel wire and star pickets.

SP-4: Star pickets used with steel wires as fence in forest.

Star pickets are used to support welded wire mesh panel in farmland.

SP-5: Star pickets used with mesh panel in farmland.

A temporary fence is installed in pasture that is made of star pickets.

SP-6: Star pickets used with steel wires in pasture.

The construction site is surrounded by fence that is made of many star pickets and steel wires.

SP-7: Star pickets are installed in construction site with steel wires.

Star pickets are installed in garden with steel wires and chain link wire mesh.

SP-8: Star pickets used in garden with chain link wire mesh.