90" L × 42" H Standard Steel Barricades

In recent years, it is difficult in ensuring the safety of pedestrians in construction sites, scenic area, public events and pedestrian traffic. our wide range of metal steel barricades help with managing pedestrian traffic, crowd control and safety.

90" L × 42" H metal barricades & event barriers is popular in North American market.

System Components

A drawing of 90 inch length steel barricade with flat feet.

SBC-01: 90" L × 42" H steel barricades with flat feet.

A drawing of 90 inch length steel barricade with bridge feet.

SBC-02: 90" L × 42" H steel barricades with bridge feet.

A drawing of 90 inch length steel barricade with fixed feet.

SBC-03: 90" L × 42" H steel barricades with fixed feet.

Detailed specifications

  • Length: 90" long
  • Height: 42" high
  • Main frame: 1-5/8" OD × 16 gauge thickness
  • Grill: 15 uprights of 3/4" OD × 16 gauge thickness.
  • Upright spacing: 5.6"
  • Feet: flat/bridge/fixed

Barrier panels

The crowd control barrier panels are constructed of frames, infill uprights and interlocking system.

The outer frame and infill uprights are constructed of steel pipes.

The interlocking system are manufactured from steel plates and steel rods.

  • Steel pipe material for high strength and impact resistance.
  • Hand welding for optimum strength.
  • Hot dipped galvanised or powder coated for durability & longevity.
  • Easy interlocking system for fast installation and sturdy.
  • Withstand harshest environments.
A detail of welding point of steel barricades.

SBC-04: Full welding for optimum strength.

A detail of hook interlocking of steel barricade.

SBC-05: Easy interlocking system for easy use.

A hot dipped galvanized, an orange and a black steel barricade on white background.

SBC-06: Various colors for different application.

Several steel barricades are form into a passage way.

SBC-07: Flexible structure for multiple combination and use.

Several pieces of steel barricades in the zinc bath.

SBC-08: Hot dipped galvanized to withstand harsh environments.

Several bundles of steel barricades in the yard.

SBC-09: Perfect stacking for easy storage and transportation.

Black steel barricades are attached with yellow reflective sheet.

SBC-10: Reflective sheeting for safe warning.

Three steel barricades are covered different colors shade cloth.

SBC-11: Shade cloth and customized logos for enterprise display.

Barrier feet

  • Fixed Y feet.
  • Removable flat T feet.
  • Removable bridge Y feet.
  • Removable wheel feet.
A detail of fixed feet of steel barricades.

SBO-12: Fixed feet.

A detail of bridge feet of steel barricades.

SBO-13: Bridge feet.

A detail of flat feet of steel barricades.

SBO-14: Flat feet.

A detail of wheel feet of steel barricades.

SBO-15: Wheel feet.

  • Fixed or removable feet options.
  • Bolt-down design optional for higher stability.
  • Considerate flat design for reducing tripping hazards.
  • Removable feet for easy stacking and storing.
  • Fastening pins & hardware to prevent being stolen.
  • Wheel design for smooth and easy operation.
A detail of bottom interlocking, fastening pin and bolt-down plate.

SBO-16: Bolt-down design.

A flat feet and a steel barricade are connected by fastening pin.

SBO-17: Fastening pins

Two steel barricades with two different bridge feet for corner use.

SBO-18: Different size feet

A wheeled feet steel barricade is half opening.

SBO-19: Wheeled feet panels for pedestrian gate.


  • Construction site.
  • Demolition site.
  • Public traffic.
  • scenic area.
  • Bike rack barricades
  • Sport fields.
  • Concert.
  • Demonstration.
silver and red crowd control barriers are surrounding the construction site.

SBO-20: Construction sites.

Two policemen go on patrol outside of the government.

SBO-21: Government.

Crowd control barriers with fixed feet are formed the tourist path.

SBO-22: Scenic area.

Several citizens are walking on the street with crowd control barrier protection.

SBO-23: Demonstration.

Crowd control barriers are surrounding the bike racks in cycle racing.

SBO-24: Cycle racing.

Several workers in the sport field, which is surrounded by crowd control barriers.

SBO-25: Sport field.