Brc Fence – Both Has Security Protection and Decoration Function

A part of green brc fence is in the picture.

BRCF-01: There is a special triangular structure on brc fence.

BRC fence, also can be call roll top fence. It is a special welded wire mesh fence with a triangular roll top structure at its top and bottom. In fact, the name of “roll top fence” is derived from this.

Brc fence is manufactured by bending the top and bottom on the basis of normal welded wire mesh fence. Except for that, brc fence adopts the steel wires with larger diameter to resist external shocks. And the precise mesh structure guarantees a good view so that you can see whatever you want to see even at night.

Currently, roll top fence is widely used in the regions of Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. High-strength steel wires and a unique bending edges ensure its high safety; in addition, the structure on the top and bottom makes it more soft and beautiful to attract people’s attention. Therefore, brc fences are mainly used as security fences or barriers in parking lots, airports, swimming pools, residential areas and as decoration facilities in gardens, parks and zoos. We are committed to making it an ideal choice for those who want to have a practical and beautiful fence.


  • Material: low carbon steel wire Q195, Q235.
  • Surface treatment
    • Hot dipped galvanized (505 g/m2).
    • Electro galvanized (zinc coating: 8–12 g/m2) then PVC/PE coated (thickness: 0.8–1.2 mm).
    • Electro galvanized (zinc coating: 8–12 g/m2) then polyester powder coating (thickness: 0.1 mm).
  • Wire diameter: 3.0–6.0 mm
  • Height (mm): 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400.
  • Width (mm): 1000, 1500, 2000, 2400, 2500, 3000.
  • Mesh size (mm): 50 × 100, 50 × 150, 50 × 200, 75 × 200, 75 × 300, 100 × 200, 100 × 300.
  • Color: available any RAL. But green RAL 6005, black RAL 9005, white RAL 9010, grey RAL 7030, red RAL 3020, yellow RAL 1023, blue RAL 5017 are common.
    This is a color card of roll top fence, there are several RAL colors on it.

    BRCF-02: Roll top fence with various RAL colors can be customized.

  • Accessories: post and clamp system
    • Post
      • Material: square steel pipe, round steel pipe.
      • Surface treatment: electric galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, polyester powder coating.
      • Thickness: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 mm.
      • Height: according to the panel height.
      • Type: round post, square post.
        A part of gray brc fence which connected with round post is in the picture.

        BRCF-03: BRC fence with round post.

        A part of green brc fence which connected with round post is in the picture.

        BRCF-04: BRC fence with square post.

      • Dimension
        • Round post diameter: 48, 60 mm.
        • Square post size: 50 × 50, 60 × 60 mm.
        There are four black caps of square post are on the green square post.

        BRCF-05: Square post cap.

        A part of brc fence and round post are in the picture, they are connected buy metal V clamp.

        BRCF-06: Metal V clamp for connecting round post and brc fence.

        Many kinds of clips are on the gray background.

        BRCF-07: Clips are connection parts of post and brc fence.

        There are several screws and nuts with different sizes on the gray background.

        BRCF-08: Screws and nuts.

Production Process

  • First of all, low carbon steel wires are welded into panels that meet the designed size
  • then a professional bending machine is required to make roll tops in both the top and bottom
  • And the surface treatment of BRC fence panels and BRC fence posts is at the final stage of the production process.
A roll of low carbon steel wire is in the picture.

BRCF-09: In order to make brc fence more solid, the wire diameter of its material is large.

A piece of welded wire mesh panel is on the welded wire mesh machine.

BRCF-10: The second step is to weld the steel wire into panels with suitable size.

A bending machine is bending the welded wire mesh panels and two worker are working beside it.

BRCF-11: The next step is to use a bending machine to make the triangle structure on the top and bottom of brc fence.

Polyester coating roo top fence panel are placed vertically.

BRCF-12: The surface treatment of brc fence is at the final stage of the production processing.


  • EN 10223-4: Steel Wire And Wire Products For Fencing And Netting - Part 4: Steel Wire Welded Mesh Fencing
  • EN 10218-2: Steel Wire And Wire Products - General - Part 2: Wire Dimensions And Tolerances
  • EN 10244-2: Steel Wire And Wire Products - Non-ferrous Metallic Coatings On Steel Wire - Part 2: Zinc Or Zinc Alloy Coatings
  • EN 10245-4: Steel Wire And Wire Products - Organic Coatings On Steel Wire - Part 4: Polyester Coated Wire


  • Fence panel: metal/wooden pallet + bundle belt + plastic film. Here we place the BRC fence panels on the metal pallet one by one in order of face up and face down.
  • Fence post: they are also placed in the metal pallet according to the above steps. Each post also be individually packaged with plastic bags.
  • Fence accessories: they will be placed in carton box.
Some brc fence panels which strapped together by a bundle belt are placed one by one in order of face up and face down.

BRCF-13: The specific way of placing a lot of brc fence panels on the pallet.

Several pieces of brc fence mesh are placed on the metal pallet and fixed with bundle belt, then wrapped with plastic film on the outside.

BRCF-14: Brc fence panels are tightly packaged to prevent damage during transit.

Many clamps of round post are placed in the carton box.

BRCF-15: The accessories of brc fence are usually placed in cartons during translation to prevent the loss of small accessories.

Many fence post are placed on the pallet, they also fixed with bundle belts and wrapped with plastic film.

BRCF-16: The post also wrapped tightly by plastic film, pallet and bundle belts and other packaging material.


  • If the ground is muddy, you can directly buried the post into the ground, generally speaking, the depth of 40–50 cm is enough to stabilize the post, that is: the post need to be higher than brc fence panels at least 40–50 cm.
  • Next is to place the brc mesh panels between the posts and use the corresponding accessories to fix it. Here, it is necessary to ensure that there is no gap between the brc fence panel and post or only a very small gap, otherwise it will affect the use of accessories.
  • Finally install the rain cap on the top of the post. If you find it’s hard to install the rain cap because of the height of brc fence, you need to install the rain cap before fixing the posts and panels. If the rain cap is made of metal material and it has already welded on the post, you can do nothing.
  • In addition, if the ground is not mud but concrete, you can weld the flange at the bottom of the post and use M10 anchor bolts to fix the post and flange.
The technical drawing of installing brc fences on mud ground.

BRCF-17: The technical drawing of installing brc fences on mud ground.

The technical drawing of installing brc fences on concrete ground.

BRCF-18: The technical drawing of installing brc fences on concrete ground.

The technical drawing of fixing post and brc fence panels.

BRCF-19: The technical drawing of fixing post and brc fence panels.

The technical drawing of fixing post and flange.

BRCF-20: The technical drawing of fixing post and flange.


  • High security. Special structure at the top and bottom gives it no sharp or tough edges, and the bent edges avoid the damage of the wire tip to people.
  • High strength. The diameter of the steel wire is thick, and it is hot dipped galvanized after welding, so BRC fence is able to resist external shocks, and it can also retain its shape and strength for many years.
  • Accurate panel and mesh size. BRC fence is made of high strength wires by electric fusion welding to ensure the accurate size.
  • High visibility. The high visibility of BRC fence allows you to show people your garden, and it has a good vision, the garden can be seen even at night.
  • Beautiful appearance. The triangles’ special design on the top and bottom makes it look more beautiful and more attractive, and it gives people a very comfortable feeling.
  • Flexibility. Single panels can be easily replaced and the installation and removal are easy.
  • Economical product. BRC fence is recyclable, and it is cheaper than 358 fence and palisade fencing.
  • Durable and low maintenance. The surface treatment of hot dipped galvanized and polyester powder coating improve the durability of BRC fence, and it only needs very low maintenance.
  • Custom services. Custom service is provided and we also offer different color options to harmonize it with the surroundings.


Generally speaking, BRC fence is mainly used as security fences or barriers, partitions and decorative facilities to achieve protection and decoration functions.

In addition, it also mainly used for highways, railways, stairs, bridges and balconies in outdoor and indoor areas, such as:

  • Garden.
  • Port.
  • Parking lot.
  • School.
  • Pedestrian area.
  • Park.
  • Zoo.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Restaurant.
  • Hotel.
  • Supermarket.
  • Airport.
  • Residential.
  • Courtyard.
  • Farm.
  • Stadium.
  • Lake.
  • Playground.
BRC fence is used as safety fence in the parking lot.

BRCF-21: BRC fence can be used in the parking lot.

Green roll top fence is installed in playground to protect children's safety.

BRCF-22: Roll top fence can be used in playground.

BRC fence is used beside the swimming pool to prevent people from falling.

BRCF-23: BRC fence can be used beside the swimming pool.

Roll top fence is used in the courtyard to plat its protection and decoration functions.

BRCF-24: Roll top fence can be used to protect and decorate courtyard.

White roll top fences are used in villa areas to harmonize with the surrounding environment.

BRCF-25: Roll top fence can be used in residential area.

Roll top fences are used for bridge to prevent people from falling into the river.

BRCF-26: Roll top fence plays a protective function for bridge.

Roll top fence is used as a partition beside a road and a park.

BRCF-27: Roll top fence can be used as partitions to divide the area into two spaces.

Roll top fences are not only used as safety fences, but also used as a gate.

BRCF-28: Roll top fence has a very wide range of applications.