CA Temporary Fence Gate – Manual Full Welding Structure, Anti-Corrosion

There is a Canada temporary gate panel with green color.

CATG-01: Canada temporary fence gate

CA temporary fence gate often used to match with Canada style temporary welded fence, which designed with a width smaller than the opening to allow for gate hardware install. It provide a pedestrian and vehicle access way for your pre-defined area, or prevent unauthorized intrusions into your open-air material storage.

Our CA temporary fence gate infilled with welded mesh are all implement the same strict testing and quality control process as our CA temporary fence panels, fence feet and clamps.

System components


Panel Specification
Material Steel pipe, steel wire.
Gate width 2.0', 2.5', 2.9' optional.
Gate height 3.4', 4', 4.9', 5', 5.6', 6.6', 6.9' optional.
Wire diameter 0.16", 0.24" optional.
Mesh opening 2" × 4", 2.36" × 6", 2.95" × 6" optional.
Frame O.D. 1.18" × 1.18" × 0.08", 1.58" × 1.58" × 0.08 optional.
Frame TH 0.08"–1".
Middle horizontal pipe O.D. 1" × 1" × 0.08".
Gate construction 360° full welded tubular frame
Fixed or adjustable Fixed
Surface treatment

Electric galvanized before powder coated.

Hot dipped galvanized after welding.

Color Dark green, yellow, red, blue, other RAL colors.
Gate wheel specification
Material Steel and non-pollution rubber.
Zinc thickness 42 microns.
Color Red, white, etc.
Surface treatment

Hot dipped galvanized.


Canada Temporary Fence Gate Panels

Assembled Canada temporary fence with gate panel.

CATG-02: Black Canada temporary fence gate

  • Manual 360° full welding. 360° full manual welding to make sure a firm gate structure. This can ensure that the temporary fencing is not damaged during the frequent moving process, and will not be corroded even in bad environment.
  • Smooth surface and no burrs. Eliminate every little bit of burr is the essential process. This is for prevent any scratch during set up and tear down.
  • Strong corrosion surface treatment.
    • Electric galvanized before powder coated. This can not only guarantee the fastness of galvanized coating to prevent the corrosion of acid rain and ultraviolet radiation, but also make the temporary fencing have good aesthetic effect.
    • Hot dipped galvanized after welding. To ensure at least 70 µm thickness of zinc coating. Service life can reach more than ten years.
  • Various colors are available. We can provide variety of colours by powder coated surface treatment. Such as red, yellow, blue, gray, black, green, etc.

Gate wheel

Temporary fence gate wheels transforms a panel into a swing gate. Installed with wheels, the gates will close or open smoothly over even the roughest terrain.

  • There wheels are versatile suitable for the following two styles:
A Canada temporary swing gate with double wheel.

CATG-03: Canada temp fence gate with double wheel

A close up picture of gate wheel for Canada temporary fence.

CATG-04: Single Canada temp fence gate wheel


Canada temporary fence panel with carried by forklift

CATG-05: Carry the Canada temp fence gate panels

There are a lot of Canada temporary fence panel on the truck fill stand.

CATG-06: CA temp gate panels on truck fill stand

Workers are moving the Canada temporary fence panel to the truck.

CATG-07: Canada temp fence gate panels loading