Gate & Archway – Add-On to Add Entrance Points to Steel Barricade Lines

Crowd control barrier panels with pedestrian gate.

CCBG-01: Crowd control barrier gate

Crowd control barrier gate also called barricade gate, often used to match with Canada style temporary welded fence, which designed with a width smaller than the opening to allow for gate hardware install. It provide a pedestrian and vehicle access way for your pre-defined area, or prevent unauthorized intrusions into your open-air material storage.

Our barricade gate with welded pipe structure are all implement the same strict testing and quality control process as our crowd control barriers, fence feet and clamps.

System Components

Detailed specifications

Material Steel pipe
Gate length 4' 6' 8' 10' 12'
Arch width 4' 7" 6' 7" 8' 7" 10' 7" 12' 7"
Gate height 45", 48".
Arch height 10'
Frame 14 gauge
Upright pipe 5/8" O.D. × 16 gauge thickness
Upright spacing 4"
Type Barricade gate, gate & arch, walkthrough barricade gate
Feet Flat or fixed
Gate wheel specification
Material Steel and non-pollution rubber.
Zinc thickness 42 microns.
Color Red, white, etc.
Surface treatment

Hot dipped galvanized.


Crowd Control Barrier panels

Gate panels are constructed of frames, infill uprights and interlocking system. The outer frame and infill uprights are constructed of steel pipes.

  • Steel pipe material for high strength and impact resistance.
  • Hand welding for optimum strength.
  • Hot dipped galvanised or powder coated for durability & longevity.
  • Easy interlocking system for fast installation and sturdy.
  • Withstand harshest environments.
  • There are three styles of crowd control barrier for your choice.
    Galvanized barricade gate with wheels for crowd control barrier.

    CCBG-02: Barricade gate for crowd control barrier

    Barricade gate and arch with wheels for crowd control barrier.

    CCBG-03: Barricade gate & arch

    Walk-through barricade gate with red color for crowd control barrier.

    CCBG-04: Walk-through crowd control barrier gate

Gate feet

Flat and bridge feet often used to match the walkthrough barricade gate. We also offer wheels transforms a panel into a swing gate. Installed with wheels, the gates will close or open smoothly over even the roughest terrain.

  • Considerate flat design for reducing tripping hazards.
  • Removable feet for easy stacking and storing.
  • Wheel design for smooth and easy operation.
  • Fixed or removable feet options.
A close up picture of removable wheel feet for barricade gate.

CCBG-05: Removable wheel feet for barricade gate

A close up picture of removable bridge feet for barricade gate.

CCBG-06: Removable bridge feet for barricade gate

A close up picture of removable flat feet for barricade gate.

CCBG-07: Removable flat feet for barricade gate


The power station installed with crowd control barrier with barricade gate.

CCBG-08: Swing barricade gate for power station

The courtyard installed with crowd control barrier with walk through barricade gate.

CCBG-09: Walk through barricade gate for courtyard

The man is installing the crowd control barrier with walk barricade gate.

CCBG-10: Barricade gate for construction site

A man is standing in the walk through barricade gate.

CCBG-11: Pedestrian Walk through gate for worksite