• Rows of crowd control barriers with fixed legs are placed on the lawn.
  • Welded temporary fencing with plastic feet and bracings are assembled in front of a truck.
  • Temporary pool fencing panels and gates
  • Five plastic temporary fence feet in red, blue, green, orange and pale blue.

What Kind of Temporary Fencing Can We Supply?

Temporary fencing, as an alternative to permanent one, is the best solution to interim public safety, crowd control, construction site security and theft deterrence.

To cater for all needs of our customers, our company supply various types of temporary fencing which is hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated for superior prevention against rust and corrosion. Here is the products list below:

Welded temporary fencing with welded mesh infill and round tubular frame, is the widest used type in Australia and New Zealand. With high visibility, it is ideal for alarm security system, construction sites and other public events where there is no strict demand of privacy. According to structures and sizes of the panels, we can offer standard, economic, luxury, light duty and heavy duty types of welded temporary fencing with square or round top.

Chain link temporary fencing with chain wire mesh infill and round tubular frame, provides more economic benefits due to its replaceable mesh infill and simple production technology - no need of welding! It can be used for boundary delineation, public events and construction sites, etc.

Crowd control barrier, as its name implies, it mainly used to control crowd and direct pedestrians. The crowd control barriers are composed of round tubular panels and three types of bases including fixed base, flat base and bridge shaped base to meet different needs of our customers. Meanwhile, the panels are portable and easy to handle, however, once they are interlinked to each other, they become difficult to push over.

Temporary pool fencing, composed round or square tubular pipes, is ideal to secure small children and prevent them from falling into the pools under construction or filled with water. Except for pool fence panels, we can also provide pool fence gate with self-closing design to make accessing easily as well protect children and pets

Temporary hoarding, with total sight block, is ideal for construction sites, perimeter delineation and stages where additional privacy and concealments are necessary.

Temporary fencing for Canada features square tubular frame comparing with traditional temporary fencing. All the products are PVC coated for decoration and warming. Meanwhile, the installation of these temporary fence panels is considered be much easier - just insert the top couplers and fence feet into the pipe!

Temporary fence gate & wheel also can be supplied for access control for higher security. The fence wheels bolted to the fence gates are used to let the gates run through the ground smoothly.

Temporary fence feet as the fence base, ensure the temporary fence panels in place even in high wind area. In accordance with the materials, the feet can be divided into three main types: plastic, rubber and metal temporary fence feet.

Temporary fence clamps are necessary connectors for fixing neighbor fence panels together and attaching temporary fence bracing to the panels.

Temporary fence bracing are the extra supporters for fences in high wind areas or fixed with shade cloth.

Shade cloth, as an efficient way for dust control and privacy security, is normally installed on the temporary fencing around construction sites. With shade rating ranging from 30% to 90%, they can bring different covering effects to you.

Why to Choose us?

Multifunctional design
Our secure, durable and effective temporary fencing is designed for various applications, such as

Gathering, Exhibitions, Concerts, Outdoor festival, Sport event, Crowd control, Public events, Construction sites, Pool security, Fence hire industry, Demolition

Welded temporary fencing are erected along the roadways.

Temporary fencing is ideal for public security, crowd control and construction sites

Competitive price
Why you hire temporary fencing when you can buy? We can supply the products with competitive price that is because

  • In house production equipment for manufacturing our own products.
  • As a leader company in temporary fencing market, no one can buy cheaper row materials than us.
  • Self-marketing, no agents.

Uncompromising quality

  • Quality steel material.
  • Hot dipped galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • 360 degrees welded by hand for higher strength.
  • Available PVC coating for additional anti-weathering.
  • Manufactured complying with Australia standard
  • Enable to withstand the harshest outdoor environments

Easy to install and dismantle
Portable temporary fence panels, only one man can hold up, install and dismantle the fences by hand tools without digging holes. Additionally, the durable panels can withstand the test of time and rough conditions.

Reliable and professional advice
From over 15 years of experience of selling temporary fences, we know clearly the basic needs of the markets and we can also give our customers a friendly and reliable advice for picking up the most suitable one for your desired application.

Hot products
  • Welded temporary fencing, hot dipped galvanized for anti-rust, 360 degrees welded, is widest used for all types of concretes sites and building works.

  • Chain link temporary fencing with high cost effectiveness is hot dipped galvanized, ideal for boundary delineation, crowd control and construction site security.

  • Crowd control barriers or pedestrian barriers, galvanized after welding for outdoor usage, are ideal for pedestrian direction and site demarcation at public area.

  • Temporary pool fencing, hot dipped galvanized, with only 70mm infill bar spacing, are easy installed and effective to protect children and pets from drowning.

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